My Coastal Refuge * Meu refúgio junto ao mar

I just got back from my Coastal Refuge, for a 4 day rest. I'm sure I left my head there because it's the perfect place to recharge batteries and relax. The project is not ready yet so I'll just share some details photos with you, ok?
Acabadinha de regressar de 4 dias de descanso no meu refúgio junto ao mar e acho que a minha cabeça ficou lá! É o local perfeito para recarregar baterias e descansar. Este Projecto de refúgio ainda não está pronto, por isso  apenas vou partilhar  algumas fotos de detalhes, ok?

The access to one of the most gorgeous beaches in Portugal. I can walk there.

I lived in America when I was young,  that is why I boght this when I saw it.

The Ralph Lauren candle came with a gorgeous chevron box so I kept it too.

My mother's painting is one of my favourites. The main inspiration for the living room.

Love the painting by Vetriano. One of my favourite paintors.

I boght some of these objects at my favourite store 'Prego sem Estopa'.

The Santorini by Shumacher pillow - one of my favourites patterns ever!

I love the light airy kitchen.

When I need flowers in the house, buganvileas are all over the garden.

I do collect blue glass jars and objects. They are all over the place.

My husband too this one. He is the only one who can take good photos of me!

 Some 'get the look' objects.


Alguns objectos 'recrie este estilo'.

Até amanhã e boa semana de trabalho!
Ana Antunes

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