My Showroom Office

My office in Chiado (Lisbon´s fashion-district) is the place where I spend most of my time when I'm not on set for the tv show, and it had to reflect a lot of the things I like. It seemed huge for a team of 4 people when we started renovating it 2 years ago... Now, with all the objects, furniture, catalogues and samples, it doesn´t look so huge anymore... It's a showroom, not a street store, but you can buy anything you like . Just make an appointment:  +351 21 324 33 40,  and visit us. 

The place is allways changing and moving things around. Here are some - not so good - pictures but I promise to post some more in a near future...

The reception

The reception and waiting area

There is allways a sunburst mirror, a ceramic stool 
and lots of pillows around me.

The meeting room has always piles of things on the table.

It's been like this for 4 months and 
I'm about to change it again.

 My assistants´ office and you can see mine right next door.

This is my office and,  off course, it had to have stripes, black&white details, and some green plants.

...and samples of the Martinique (Beverly Hills Hotel´s wallpaper) that I'm so obsessed with.

Thank you for stopping by.

With love, and remember: style up your life!

Ana Antunes

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