They say God is in the Details

Everybody knows that I'm all about details! 
I think it's what makes someone or somethings unique.
In my house, they make me feel safe and happy because there is a story behind every one of them.
I never use just one object on a console, sideboard or shelf. I like families of 4/5 with different sizes, and diferent function. These are some of the details arrownd me that I absolutelly love!  

 1. You might not believe it but this is my bathroom! 
There are allways magazines, candles and flowers in that corner there.

                     2. The details in the ceiling are amazing... 
                     They are what make my house so special.

                           3. This is the console in the living room. 
                           Love the lamp, the 2 fish, and everything else on it.

                             4. This is full of detail... loads of magazines (I can't get rid of them) 
                             flower jars (I allways use 2/3 with different sizes and colours)  
                             ceramic objects (loved them to add colour).

                             5. Check out the detail in the ceramic box. Isn't it gorgeous?

                                 6. My cofee tables allways have books, boxes to hide 
                              little things and flowers!

7. This is in my living room and it might have just about everything I precious. My son's baptism invitation in the wall. My favourite decoration books ever. The green lacquer boxes from my favourite store in Lisbon (Prego sem Estopa). Boxes of Chocolate trufles (my sin).  Mirrored objects (crazy about them). Lacquered tables (they are polished and modern) and Hydrangeas (because they were my mother's favourite flowers). All together they make me happy everytime I look at them!

I told you... God is in the details!

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