Birthday Girl!

Some years are better than others and some birthdays too... Today when I woke up, I just wanted to keep my head under my sheets. I was just not ready to have the attention a birthday girl usually gets. I finnaly decided to raise my head and realized it was 20ยบ celcius outside. My day suddenly got 20% better!!

When I got to my office this is what I had in my desk from my 2 dear assistants...

... and this from the 2 boys (assistants) who also work with me. It's my logo made of mdf painted white... What a great surprise!!! After this I was going for the 40% better that when I woke up!!

Went to have lunch by the river with 2 dear friends who happend to be gorgeous talented interior designer's and got some favourite presents; books and flowers!

                                        Even the wrapping and ribbon are adorable!

Looooved it!... Every girl should have this book!!! By the end of my lunch of nice girl's talk I was going for the 60% better then when my day started!

Well the rest of the day with all the messages I got from friends, my son's drawings and hugs, and my husbands best company dinner made the rest 40% I needed to end this day believing that some birthdays can be saved by our inner will to make them better with the help of those who we love.

Thank you God for not so good birthdays. After all they end up great!

Ana Antunes

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